Our goal is to provide the best communication solutions for Distance Education learning that enable students, faculty and the University alike to excel into the future. We strive to be the best run and most fun Instructional Media Services office. We promise to deliver the highest value of support we can to our customers, and to stay on  the cutting edge of service and technology and make them available to all of NMSU. Overall our goal is to make the classroom a place where you want to be and won’t want to leave.


Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides NMSU faculty, administrators, staff, and students a wide variety of communication options such as:

Two-Way Video Conferencing

IMS schedules and supports two-way video for classes and meetings including:

  • Worldwide, two-way video conferencing for distance education courses and meetings.
  • On-site ITV classroom recording of lectures, guest speakers, or special presentations.
  • Individual or group training sessions for teaching at a distance using two-way video.
  •  Sit-in or on call Technical support at your events.

For room scheduling for your event, contact us for more information or fill out a request form.

Adobe ConnectBusinesspeople seated around conference table and monitor

IMS schedules and facilitates Adobe Connect, a synchronous web delivery solution for conducting virtual or live classroom events or meetings through the internet.

Panopto Recordings

We offer Panopto recordings for professors who need their lectures uploaded onto Canvas. Panopto makes it easy for anyone to capture, manage, search, and view multimedia presentations online.

Other Services

In addition, IMS provides

  • Faculty trainings on equipment
  • Video Conversions
  • File Conversions
  • Audio and Video Duplications

Also updated every week is a new educational App Review for you to check out for yourself. Look out for them every Friday.

Instructional Innovation and Quality

Every course a quality course


Instructional Media Services is part of Instructional Innovation and Quality (IIQ) and works closely with IIQ’s other programs Academic Technology, Digital Learning and NMSU Online to improve Distance Education for student and faculty.  IIQ is under the Associate Vice President and Deputy Provost, Greg Fant, Ph.D.