Charity Miles App free on Play store and iTunes

Have you ever wished you could be give to a charity but did not have the money to contribute? Charity Miles has found a way to allow you to donate to a charity for stuff you are already doing. This app is truly awe inspiring and I just had to write about it.charity_miles

We are walking all the time to get to places we need to be. Would it motivate you more to know that you are donating to a charity just by your simple act of walking/ doing your day to day activities/ performing the most common tasks? Charity Miles is a free app for both apple and android phones that allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice JUST BY WALKING.

The Charity Miles app gets me motivated because, it allows people to earn a corporate sponsorship for a charity of their choice when they walk, run, or bike anywhere. It could just be your casual walk to the park, training for that triathlon next month, or how much you are walking at work. Charity Miles allows you to sign in through Facebook & uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to measure your distance traveled and converts that into a charitable donation to the charity of your choice.

With over 30 charities to choose from so you are bound to find one that you would love to walk for: St. Jude’s, Habitat for Humanity, Autism Speaks and Pencils of Promise just to name a few. The amount donated comes to 25 cents a mile for walking or 10 cents a mile for riding a bike.

Let’s just think about this for a second: if everybody downloaded this free app, and did nothing different during the day except turn on this app, just by all of our combined walking that we do throughout the day, we could effectively; end world hunger, build houses and schools, battle cancer, end AIDS, preserve all of our national parks, and support all of our troops and special Olympians. Who wouldn’t want that? Let’s all be apart of this and create a positive change for the world JUST BY WALKING!


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