CM Battery is the perfect battery checker for Android Phones

How long does your phone stay charged? Is it three days or more like 3 hours?-1-r_oLPpV-1GJXMcMlechq9Th_6lnyXhiZx3lMc-A0_dOUcwEETT5FGffE7RnziF_0=w300 It all depends on if you have a lot of apps open on your phone. In addition to that; Wi-Fi, data usage, and using a Bluetooth device will be sure to drain your battery way faster than you think.images

There are a lot of apps out there that can tell you about the battery usage on your phone. The vast majority of these applications are trying to do to much, and are not intuitive to use. After testing out a few of these “free” battery checkers, I have concluded that CM Battery is the only one you will need.

CM (Clean Master) Battery will tell you which apps are eating up all of your battery life, and will close all of them for you with one tap. In my opinion, this is the most clean looking, intuitive and easy to use battery checker out there for Android users. It just gives you the facts on what applications you have left open for months, and then it closes them for you. We do not want a real elaborate battery checker with lots of bells and whistles I hope. We just want it as straight forward as possible and easy to use. The free CM Battery through the Google play store is the answer!

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