PowerPay Debt Elimination app developed at NMSU

NMSU has their very own application designers right here on campus.characters_compilation This weeks app will be featuring one of their apps. Media Productions is a unique department here on NMSU because they house a professional in-house app development team dedicated to the creation of educational apps and games. Additionally all of the work Media Productions does reflects research-based, media-appropriate solutions.powerpway

The Powerpay Debt Elimination app is this weeks review which was developed by the NMSU’s very own Learning Games Lab. The Learning Games Lab was charged with doing app design and development; and Utah State University provided partnership and collaboration on the app, helping with the content and underlying engine. The PowerPay Debt Elimination app is for helping users determine the most efficient plan for paying off their specific constellation of debts.

And since  this Powerpay Debt Elimination app is free on the Apple store: I am going to encourage that all of us AGGIES (Students and faculty.) go and download this app in support of our University’s Learning Games Lab


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