Pushdot is a must have for conferences/ seminars

Pushdot is referred to today as the “Social Network of Social Networks”, and is the new reliable way to network at large conferences with tons of people. I got back from a conference just a few weeks ago and I wish I had an iPhone. It would have come in handy when I was meeting every person out in the lobby between sessions, and it could have saved me a lot on my physical business cards.Pushdot-Networking-made-simple.-on-the-App-Store

The Pushdot app is free and works for all apple devices, its main feature is that it can share all of your contact info and social media accounts  to anyone you like instantly. It is like having your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone, email info, and everything else on one digital business card. People can get all your information all at once making your 2″ by 3.5″ business cards pretty much obsolete. This can make the process of walking a showroom floor, or introducing yourself to everybody a lot faster.

You can type in someone’s phone number or email from the search bar and, for those that are registered on iPhones, it will show all their contact info and social media, making them even easier to find. I could also see this as fast way to update your existing contacts in case you lose someone’s number or you get a new phone number.pushdot-e1437024673957

I should mention here that you do not need an iphone to receive Pushdot contact info. On android phones when you receive a Pushdot notice it automatically populates in your text message or email so you still see a person’s contact info.

Conclusion: Save a tree! you can fit more information on Pushdot then a 2” by 3.5” card, and you will impress the people you meet at a conference, so they just might call you back.

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