Smart Voice Recorder for Android Phones

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If you are looking to do better this semester after spring break, might I suggest the free Smart voice recorder app to keep you ahead of the game. Smart voice recorder is designed for high quality, long time recordings (aka lectures). This makes them naturally great for in class lectures, meetings, even recording for music. You have the ability to save, pause, resume or cancel a recording at any time. Smart voice recorder even skips relative silence, and this is built right into the app. No need to edit your recordings down, the app will do it for you.

This app can greatly benefit ESL students to better understand the lectures because they can go back and hear directions in class to help with assignments. You can also share a recording with your friends or classmates through dropbox or email. Smart voice recorder can make files as big as 2GB per file.

There are a couple of setbacks to this app: One being that it is not optimized for tablets yet. But I anticipate that will change in the future. Second: the app is free, but if you want to turn off the pop up ads, it is going to cost you with an in app purchase. If you are like me, its not the worst thing to click through ads, but I would rather not. Stay ahead of the game after spring break with Smart voice recorder for your Android phone.

Happy March Madness everyone!

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