Vision Sim app created by the Braille Institute

The Braille institute is a non-profit organization that was established in 1971. The Braille institute offers a variety of free programs, classes and services on braille basics and types of eye diseases. Held at one of their 5 centers in California, the Braille Institutes Library holds 100,000 titles and contains 1.2 million volumes in their collections.

For those of us not lucky enough to live in Southern California, the Braille Institute offers a few mobile apps: ViA, BigBrowser, and TRP, the most popular app of all is Vision Sim for iPhone and iPads. Tens of thousands already use it around the world to better demonstrate, to loved ones of blind or vision impaired students, what their world is like.glaucoma

Vision Sim is able to show symptoms and simulate how a person sees with the 9 most popular eye diseases. It works with the camera built in to your iPhone or iPad and uses digital filters to give you the experience of what the vision impaired see. This can be helpful to the nursing student or family of anyone that is vision impaired/blind. The Vision Sim app gives you the full medical analysis with symptoms, and if preventable, some treatments!

If you have iOS 6 or higher, you will need to change your settings to get the most functionality out of the app.

Go to Settings> Privacy> photos> turn Vision Sim on

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